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Cabernet Franc Appassimento 2013

  • Aroma: ripe plum, raisin and vanilla dominate this intense nose 

    Palate:  is rich and viscous, flavors of sweet dried plum and raisins

    About:  long smooth fruit finish. Pair perfectly with dark chocolate dessert or aged cheese (500ml)

    The process known as “appassimento” is common in making Amarone style wines in Veneto, Italy.  The purpose of partially drying the grapes is to concentrate sugars, and thus increase the alcohol and/or residual sugar – as well as to develop more complex aromas and flavors.

    After carefully hand picking these grapes and placing them drying baskets, we naturally air dried them for 35 days prior to starting fermentation. (500ml)

    Alc.:  15.5%

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