Cabernet Franc 2011 – Appassimento Style 93 Points by John Schreiner

Pentâge Cabernet Franc 2011 Appassimento Style ($35). This is an Okanagan winery’s take on Amarone because the technique is similar. The winery dried hand-picked grapes for 58 days, concentrating juice, flavour and sugar, before pressing the fruit. The result is a dark wine with 15% alcohol. The aroma is glorious – blackberry and black currant jam. The intense flavours include black currant, lingonberry, black cherry and spice. The tannins are ripe but firm enough to give this wine a future in bottle. Since the bottle is 375 ml, remember that wine ages most quickly in small bottles. 93.

Pentâge Winery | December 1, 2013 | Awards Events Media