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The journey of Pentâge Winery began unexpectedly during a mini-weekend getaway to the Okanagan. What was meant to be a brief escape transformed into a real estate quest upon discovering 4400 Lakeside Road, an abandoned orchard with untapped potential. Paul, driven by vision and passion, saw an opportunity where others saw challenges.

In 1996, the land was contoured, and by the spring of 1997, the Vista Ridge Vineyard took root. The inaugural vintage in 1999, a small batch of Syrah, marked the beginning of Pentâge's storied history.

Paul, a marine engineer seeking a business venture closer to home, envisioned a winery as a sustainable endeavor. Undeterred by the task's magnitude, Paul thrived on turning dreams into reality. His hands-on approach, evident in every project undertaken, led to unconventional decisions, such as crafting a 5,000 square foot natural rock wine cellar.

As a passionate and meticulous winemaker, Paul oversees operations from vineyard to bottle, driven by a pursuit of excellence. To him, each day is a celebration, and every task an opportunity for adventure.

Julie, equipped with years of business and administration expertise, manages the operational side of the business. Whether in the office handling employees, accounting, sales, and marketing, or in the winery alongside the team, Julie's dedication ensures smooth operations.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Pentâge Winery. Paul and Julie's hands-on involvement permeates every aspect of the business, from nurturing the vines to the final bottling. Their shared commitment to excellence defines Pentâge's ethos, shaping its journey from vineyard to glass.