Vineyards and Beyond: Exploring Our Terroir

Our picturesque Vistaridge and Dirty Dozen vineyards boast a North-South orientation, strategically maximizing morning and afternoon sunlight exposure for optimal photosynthesis. This orientation not only aids in drying out grape clusters but also helps prevent mildew issues, ensuring the health and quality of our grapes. Delve deeper into the details of these vineyards below.

In addition to our 15 acres, we lease a neighboring two-acre vineyard, enriching our offerings with premium Pinot Gris grapes, a coveted varietal in our portfolio. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to source select varietals from local growers, allowing us to expand our range and showcase the finest fruits of the region.

Visit our inviting picnic area, offering a breathtaking view of the vineyards, and savor the essence of our terroir firsthand. At Pentâge Winery, we believe that great wine truly starts in the vineyard, and we invite you to experience the passion and dedication woven into every bottle.