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At Pentâge Winery our mission is to produce world-class wines.  Viticulture practices from pruning right through to harvest will determine the characteristics of the wine – this is why our low-yield, hands on approach in the vineyard is critical.

In the winery, the grapes are sorted prior to being de-stemmed and sorted again, if needed, after the de-stemmer and before processing.  As we strive to produce premium wines our grapes are gently pressed and fermented at controlled temperatures with select yeasts.  As a small producer we are able to inoculate small batches, of the same variety, using different yeasts. Once fermentation is complete we then blend them back together adding complexity and uniqueness to each wine.

With the use of modern wine making equipment and techniques – we believe minimal intervention throughout the wine making process ensures extremely stylistic wines.  Our philosophy has remained the same from day one – produce wines that reflect excellence, which are elegant and well balanced world-class wines.

Our attention to detail with regards to the vines, winery, yeast selections, specific barrel cooperage, winemaking techniques and equipment is essential in our continued success.

We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Why We bottle Age Our wines

The motto here at Pentâge is "no wine before its time"!

Our goal has always been to bottle age our reds and select whites prior to release.  By doing this we are able to offer our customers a beautifully aged balanced wine.

How do we accomplish this?  So much depends upon the varietal/vintage/blend, but typically the wines rest here at the winery anywhere from one to three years after bottling. Our process in determining when to release the wines begins anywhere from 6-12 months later when the team is gathered, the wine is opened and the tasting begins.  We analyze how the wine is aging, if it is ready to be released or how much more time we think it might need.    

Bottle aging wines for customers seems to be rare in the wine industry, however, we feel it is important and with a little patience (on our part) we are able to offer our customers wonderful older vintages. These wines are ready to be enjoyed upon being purchased with an option to further cellar. 

"...... I admire the vision behind selling mature wines in a market fixated on the next vintage."
David Lawrason Oct 2020