Crafting Excellence at Pentâge Winery

The mission of Pentâge Winery is clear: to craft world-class wines. This begins in the vineyard, where meticulous viticulture practices, from pruning to harvest, shape the characteristics of each wine. Our hands-on, low-yield approach in the vineyard is paramount to achieving excellence.

In the winery, our commitment to quality continues. Grapes undergo careful sorting before and after destemming, ensuring only the finest fruit is processed. We prioritize gentle pressing and fermentation at controlled temperatures with select yeasts to preserve the grapes' inherent qualities.

As a small producer, we have the flexibility to inoculate small batches of the same variety with different yeasts, adding complexity and uniqueness to each wine. Minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process, combined with modern techniques and equipment, yields stylistic wines that showcase the true essence of our terroir.

At Pentâge, we believe in quality over quantity. By limiting our annual production to approximately 5,000 cases, we're able to focus on creating small batch releases with meticulous attention to detail.

Our philosophy remains unwavering: to produce wines of excellence that are elegant, well-balanced, and truly world-class. Attention to detail in every aspect – from vineyard care to winemaking techniques and equipment selection – is crucial to our ongoing success.

We invite you to savor our wines and experience the passion and dedication that goes into every bottle. Cheers to enjoying our wines as much as we've enjoyed crafting them.

Beyond the Barrel: The Magic of Bottle Aging

At Pentâge Winery, our motto is "no wine before its time." We prioritize the aging process, allowing our reds and select whites to mature gracefully before release. Typically, our wines rest at the winery for one to three years post-bottling.

Determining the ideal release time is a meticulous process. Six to twelve months after bottling, our team gathers for a tasting session. We carefully assess each wine's aging progress, deciding if it's ready for release or requires more time.

Our practice of bottle aging wines for customers is uncommon in the industry. However, we believe it's crucial. Despite the patience required on our end, we're dedicated to providing customers with beautifully aged vintages that can be enjoyed immediately or further aged in their cellars.

At Pentâge Winery, we're committed to crafting exceptional wines and offering our customers an unparalleled experience.

"...... I admire the vision behind selling mature wines in a market fixated on the next vintage."
David Lawrason Oct 2020